2026 Shift of Energies...

In 2026, the astrological landscape is set to undergo significant transformations, with several planets changing signs and forming new connections. 🔶

The most notable shifts include Neptune's entry into Aries, where it will conjunct Saturn. ❤️‍🔥
Uranus' move into Gemini will inject fresh ideas and innovation ✨, while Jupiter's transition from Cancer to Leo will bring warmth, optimism, and a sense of adventure. ☀️
These changes can bring a wave of positive energies, including increased creativity, humanitarian efforts, and a greater sense of community and connection. 🫶
As the universe aligns in this way, it's a reminder to stay grounded, keep faith, and trust that the cosmos has our backs as we navigate the twists and turns of life.💪

I analyse your natal chart with the current transits to guide you for a harmonious life with Divines Energies

Jupiter in Gemini

astrology 2024 horoscope

The energies of Jupiter entering into Gemini are expected to bring about a period of intellectual stimulation, curiosity and communication, as Gemini is a sign associated with mental agility, versatility, and social connections.

The benefits of this transit include increased creativity, adaptability and a desire for knowledge and exploration.

However, this transit can also bring challenges such as increased mental restlessness, scattered thoughts and a tendency to multitask excessively, potentially leading to feelings of overwhelm and difficulty in focusing on one thing for an extended period.

Be carefull of the tendancy to gossip and/or spread rumors!!

My feeling is that Jupiter sets up the red carpet for Uranus which will enter Gemini in 2025....

✨ Expect change in communication the next coming years ! 🛰️

Contact me for a personal analysis

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus

astrology 2024 horoscope

The most important transit of 2024 ! 

Jupiter: freedom, philosophy, free spirit, spirituality, truth, travel, growth, expansion, international (foreign country/people), religion, optimism...
Uranus: surprise, explosion, liberation, sudden events, eruption, innovation, technology, eccentricity, independence, freedom...
Taurus : land (Earth), food, bank, money, saving, epicureanism, agriculture,, nature...

So the key word I would choose for 2024 : change !

The appropriate music ? Rock 'n' Roll !!! 

 What I would like to happen : truth quickly spread all over the world : international revolution against (corrupted) people in power : Liberation of Humanity from slavery.*

* Pluto (power) in aquarius (humanity), (aquarius is also ruled by uranus) can help for such a scenario.

 What could happen : big earthquake/volcano eruption(or over natural events), mega bankruption, sudden revolutions worldwide, new bank system, new technologies to product food. and/or to use money..

Solar eclipse april 8

solar eclipse astrology guidance
This solar eclipse is crossing by the United States, cutting the country in 2 ...
What such a karmic event may bring to this country ? 

A Civil war ? A country drasticaly divided in 2 (politically speaking, geographically speaking ???) ?

Pluto in Aquarius...  Change of era.

astrology horoscope natal chart

20 years for Humanity to moult and reveal its true essence.

Are you ready for the journey ?
End of January, sun and Pluto go together in the sign of Aquarius.
Pluto will stay there 20 years. 20 years for the new Humanity to appear. From the old, what do we need to let go ? What isn't anymore necesery ? Pluto as always will go deep to see what is hidden, to bring it to the surface so humanity can face it, and if it isn't positive for evolution of humankind, it will remove it.

The great Divine reset is now. Fasten your seat belts, it is going to be fun, wild sometimes... But at the end, the new Humanity will be born.

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