By analyzing your natal chart and current transits, I can help you understand how the cosmic weather is affecting your personal life, relationships and goals. 

I can help you navigate through the challenging change of era that we are living, make informed decisions and tap into the energies of the moment to amplify your strengths and overcome obstacles. 

With this guidance, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, allowing you to move through the changes with greater clarity, confidence and resilience.

€210 / 1 hour or €1110 / 7 hours ( video calls ):
Analysis of your natal chart and the current transits. 

About me...

Intuitive soul, 40 years of studying astrology.

♐ Sun 

♎ Rising 

♋ Moon

I use modern (tropical) astrology, with whole sign houses.

I speak :  🇫🇷 French  🇬🇧 English 🇬🇷 Greek

Your free natal chart :

Explore your free birth chart with the birth chart calculator .

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